05 August, 2010

Wrapped Side Ponytail (Bohemian look)

This is a really simple way to dress up a side pony tail. I used a thin ribbon, but it would look cute with yarn or twine too! This ribbon has texture to it so it holds better, I think a silky ribbon would slip down too much...

Make a loose side ponytail and tie it off with a thin elastic (I like the clear Goody Ouchless). Slip your ribbon or string through the back of your elastic. Then wrap it around the elastic a couple times to hide it. Then begin crossing the ribbon/string down the ponytail for a couple of inches.
You can space the crosses as close or far away as you like. At the end wrap your ribbon/string around a couple times again and tie it off. I left the tail, but you could trim them off if you prefer.

As the day went on the layers in my hair started to poke out over the ribbon some. I liked the messy look, but of you don't want that, use some product on the ponytail first to clump the hair together, then make the crosses closer together.
I would love to have longer hair for this one. I think it would look so nice if you could tie the hair off at the shoulder and wrap down from there, rather then up so close to the head. If anyone with long hair tries this please, please, please send me a picture!

Do you like the Bohemian style that is popular right now? How would you describe your personal sense of style?
I would describe my style as preppy and feminine; although I do like to experiment with different looks occasionally (hence this one!)


Anonymous said...

I definitely think it's a cute casual look, but I agree with you that it looks better on longer hair, perhaps with some loose curls too. Too bad I recently chopped all my hair off to shoulder length and layered, I'm finding I can't do a lot of the styles I used to use :( Keep up with the blog, I don't post much in your comments section but I wanted to let ya know I'm here and your site is now one of my regular stops :)

Carly said...

Thank you so much for commenting! I am never sure if people are actually stopping by or what they think. I am so glad someone considers this place good enough to stop by regularly! Thank you!
I'll have to come up with some things to work on shorter hair because I know how boring it can get ;)