12 May, 2011

What is a Dutch Braid?

A reader asked me this question (so psyched about my first question!!! :):):)) :
Hi, I am just wondering, is a Dutch braid the same as a French braid?

I am so glad you asked Raych. The simple answer is no, a Dutch braid is not the same as a French braid.

But they are REALLY similar. If it helps, Dutch braids are also called Inside-out French Braids, Outtie Braids, or Underhand French Braid. They are occasionally referred to as Cornrows also, but that is incorrect as Cornrowing calls for a different braiding technique than Dutch braids (although the end result is quite similar).

The standard braid requires the braider to cross the outside strand OVER the middle strand. When French braiding, you are still crossing the strands OVER the middle, but as you cross each section you are adding in hair to anchor the braid to the head. (clear as mud right?)
Now Dutch braids, or however you want to call them, are made with only one change: you cross the outer strands UNDER the middle section (hence the Underhand braid title).
Here are some pictures to show the different results.

A lot of people naturally braid in the underhand way, thus producing the popping out braid when adding hair.Some find it difficult to train their hands (and brain) to cross the hair the way they are not used to, but I promise you if you can do one style of braid you can do both. It just takes a little practice at first.

Both styles of braid are really cute and can usually be used interchangeably in styles, for a slightly different look. Occasionally one of the variations will lend itself better to a style, as is the case with this one (where the question came from. In this style I use the Dutch Braid because it pops out from the head. This is useful because I think it help emphasize the braid and it make it easier to lace the ribbon through it. You could of do it with a regular French braid, it would just yield a different end result. If you do try it out with a regular French Braid I would LOVE to see pictures so be sure to email me!

07 May, 2011

Updo with Some Embellishments

This is a really quick and simple updo. I have "dressed it up" by adding a french braid going up to the bun. It doesn't show up to well in the pictures, but is really beautiful in person.

I am currently growing out bang so I added a braid in the front to keep them back. I secured the braid with x-ed bobby pins. Add or eliminate this step as you wish.

To create this 'do, you need to create the braid going up the back of your head. I tried to take pictures of this process but I couldnt.
Just bend forward so all your hair hangs over your head, brush it out really good. Section off hair at the nape of the neck and begin your braid. French braid as you normally would, except you are moving up the head instead of down. Just keep bend forward and let gravity assist you.
Stop French braiding at about the temples.
Gather all the front hair to meet the reverse French Braid and tie it off in a ponytail. (If you are classy you might want to choose a less obscene elastic colour than I did. I am not so classy today!)
ponytail is lifted to show off the braid
It can be fun to end here. When you turn your head the french braid pokes out and people get really impressed...
Okay, now you need to curl up that lovely ponytail. Use a curling iron, a flat iron, hot rollers, sponge rollers, etc. Whatever works for you in the amount of time you have.

Now take a small section of hair. Using the curl as a guide, roll it up towards the head.

Then pin it down. Don't worry about it being too tightly pinned, but loose loops are what we are going for.

Repeat the rolling and pinning
No science to it, just make it BIG
To loosen the look, start rolling some sections halfway up the strand. Leave the curled tail out loose.

Here's it is about halfway done. You will want to pause at this time and use a mirror to look at the back of your head. Check to see if both sides are looking even, if things are looking tight or loose enough for you and that you have enough little curls dangling out for your liking.

Then more rolling and pinning. I probably rolled about 8 sections. It's really fast. When all the curls are pinned up, you can use extra bobby pins to mess around with the bun and get it how you like.  You may want to use a small curling iron to touch up some of the loose curls. Whatever you want. Accessorize if that is your thing.

Finished view from the side
And the back
notice the loose pieces, there could be more in my opinion, but whatev' :)

Top/Front-ish View
Again, it is hard to see, but that braid going up the back is really nice in person

Its been a LONG time since I have posted a hairstyle. I hope you guys like this one.
I think this would work nicely for a prom or bridesmaid style. What do you think?

04 May, 2011

Time Saver

Since it is Wednesday I figured I would share with y'all a time saving tip that works for me.
 Lets face it, who REALLY has enough time in the morning?!

I don't usually like styling my hair when it is wet because it often looks to tight or slicked back for my liking. I also don't like to cause undue to stress on my hair by over manipulating it when its wet. Even more than styling wet hair, I do not like blow drying my hair! It takes FOREVER and makes my hair really limp.

I wash my hair at night, then let it naturally dry while I sleep.

I have been known to wake up looking like Cousin It at time, but I find that straightening or curling will easily solve the problem. Or, and more often, I  just put my hair up and no one is any the wiser.

Added bonus when its hot out in the summer I have a really cold shower right before bed and my cold wet hair keeps me cool enough to fall asleep!

Washing at night works for me, what about the rest of you? How do you fit more into your morning routine?