19 August, 2010

2 Twists into a Bun

I really love these twists and they get a lot of compliemnts (which every girl loves right?) Plus hair is more fun with some embellishments, slicked back do's are so five years ago! This style is inspired from here, I just do the twist a little differntly...
Yes the purple flowers again... I really like them!
To create your twists start with an exaggerated side part:
the comb tail shows where I normally part
Now you are going to section out the front bit of hair. From your part, section off the hair down to your ear. Section off enough hair to make two twists, I make each about 3/4 an inch thick, so I make 1.5 inch thick section. That all sounds really technical but just eyeball it, its hair! Tie back all the hair except your front section into a neat ponytail.

the bobby pins are just there to show the two sections
Divide your front section in half (as shown above). Clip one section out your your way while you work with the other. To start I add a little bit of pomade to the section, from root the tip. Then take a thin bit of hair by the side part, divide it in two.
Now twist both of those strands in the same direction (I twist them to the front). You dont need to twist very much, just a few revolutions. Then cross one over the other, in the OPPOSITE dirction from your twisting (I cross towards the back). Now add hair into the front piece, twist and cross again. Repeat.
Adding in hair

I stop adding in hair at about where the end of my eyebrow (again no science, just make it look how you like). 
Then continue make a twist down the hair (twisting front and crossing back) Add a small rubber band or clip to hold your first twist while you create the second one.
Banding it off

To get your twists to lay side by side when you pull them back make sure your front twist has a few more sections of hair added in (see at the top of this post if that doesnt make sense) When both of your twists are complete pull them back towards your ponytail. Secure with crossed bobby pins
Now you can make a bun of choice. Of course I did a messy bun. Add hairspray and accessories as you please.

back view
sort of top view
when you look like a dork, just stick a big old watermark over your face to hide it!
Do you think you will try this one? Also, I would like some feedback, is the tutorial clear? Are there too many pictures? How can I help you better?


curlyred said...

i love the look! i'll try it to tomorrow, it looks beautiful!

Carly said...

thank you, I'm glad you like it. I bet it looked beautiful on you!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Def. have to try this one out!

Sarah said...

Can you do a video with this one? I love it