08 July, 2010

Punk'ed Up Pony

The punk-ish, rocker look is really in right now. I don't think this look really suits me, but it was totally fun sporting this do for a day, and I think it looks really great on a lot of girls. 
To do this one you are gonna need straight, straight, straight hair! Flat iron till your satisfied. 
Now section your hair off from ear to ear across the crown. Secure the top half out of the way.
 Now take about half of the remaining hair and tie it off in high, tight ponytail. Make sure that bad boy is high up on your head. I like to use the clear Ouchless elastics because they are easier to hide, but any type will do.
Then take the bottom half  and comb it up and add it into the original ponytail. By using this two step process, your ponytail will end up appearing fuller (exactly the look you are going for here).

Now unclip the front half of your hair. Section out the middle chunk of your hair (the bang section), clip the side two pieces out of your way. Now back comb and spray the junk outta your bangs.  
Use a rat tail comb to smooth this bit back and pin into place. X-ing your bobby pins will give you better hold.
Then release one of your side sections, spray it then rake it up and over your pumped up bangs. Use a bobby pin X to hold it in place. Repeat on the other side. Adjust the tails of all three pieces to cover your ponytail.
At this point, you can rat up the tails from your front half of hair to cover your ponytail holder better. For extra poof, rat up the ponytail some too. Add spray and you’re done!
Here's the look from the side: 
 And the front (I really think the eyeliner enhanced the look haha!)

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