03 October, 2010


I love this blog! I love taking the pictures, sorting through them, and cropping them. I love writing my super long-winded and more often than not super confusing tutorials. And I love reading the few comments I do receive. It all makes me very happy.
But it takes a lot of time!
As most of you do not know me I will tell you a little bit about me. I am a fourth year education student. I take school very seriously. I think teaching is one of the most important job and therefore I work hard to learn as much as I can so I can do it right. Currently I am in my final teaching practicum. This means essentially I am a full-time teacher and a full-time student simultaneously. I am having a blast and learning a lot!
But it takes a lot of time!

You may see a trend here...

Now I am fool. I knew this was coming. So I pre-shot a bunch of hairstyles. Then the SD card reader on my computer stopped working. So I waited for my students loan to come through . And when it did,because blogging brings me joy and pictures are essential to the blog, I used some of that money (against my better judgment) to remedy this problem (it was only 20$ no big deal, just made me feel a little guilty).
Then I created a few post-dated posts to save me some time when I knew I would be busy.
Then other bloggers, who are on their A game, would beat me to posting these hairstyles, or I would find similar hairstyles on blogs already. This saddened me, but I say to myself its no big deal, its just hair, there is no copyright infringement on hairstyles.
But I must remember I am a newbie, the new kid on the block, the little one who is trying to entice people to check me out. I know they will not check me out if I do not post original content! While I know some readers would not care, in fact some may even enjoy reading/seeing someone else's take on a style. I also know there are some people out there that would hate this. They would make a stink about me "copying" ideas, or "stealing" content. And there are also people out there who would not bother to put up such a stink but just down right don't care to read the same thing twice, and such would stop checking back because  I would be nothing but a bore to them. So I have chosen to currently not post anything.
I do not have time to think up new ideas right now, or take new pictures, or edit said pictures. So I am on hiatus. I was discouraged and ready to throw in the towel completely, but I re-considered because after all, I am doing this for myself more than anyone else and I do enjoy it. I just don't have time right now. So hopefully in December, at which time I graduate(!!!), I will once again have enough time to create new ideas and re-invent old ones. Also, hopefully by then enough time will have passed that no one will care if I have a few repeat styles.
So long for now,
farewell is the line.
Ill see you again,
and all shall be fine!