03 July, 2010

Wrap Around French Braid Variations 1&2

Remember how I said I have a bunch of ways to switch up the Wrap Around French Braid? Well today I will post two new alternatives for you. If you are not sure how to do the braid check here.

Ok, option 1: Dont finish in a braid, do a simple pony tail instead:

Option 2: spice up that pony tail by creating a topsy tail (pull through, knot, flip, whatever you call it). If you have the tool you are set. If not, simply reach thumb and pointer finger up hair behind a loosened ponytail, grap the ponytail and pull it down behind itself, then tighten everything up.
This variation is especially helpful if the braid gets a little messy in the front because it kinda hides everything.;)

I know these are both just simple side ponytail ideas, but with the french braid running across that back of your head it really dresses it up. Trust me, people will compliment it!

What's your favorite versitile style?

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