29 July, 2010

Front French Braid

Just a simple idea for today (excuse the sloppy-ness, I was in a hurry the day I took this):
Some people call this the Lauren Conrad braid, or Braided Bangs... whatever you want to call it, I think its a really sweet style. I wear it AT LEAST once a week! It looks good on straight, wavy or curled hair. Tightening or loosening the braid also gives you variety with the style. An inside out, or dutch braid is also really nice for this style. I love this style for summer because its so laid back and easy, plus it just makes me think of the beach for some reason.

I also like this one because it looks like and works as a headband, but you don't actually have to use a headband! Because this style is so simple I didn't include a tutorial, but if anyone wants that, just leave a comment.

Does anyone else over-use this style? Or, what is your favorite simple summer style?