29 June, 2010

Wrap Around French Braid

This is one of my favorite styles! It works on both wet and dry hair, looks good with inside out (dutch) or regular french braid, and I have a bunch of ways to change up the look! Today I'll demo the regular french braid on dry hair ending in a simple braid.
Start with your natural side part, make sure hair is well smoothed out around your head or things will get a little funky on you as you braid. On the side with the least hair, part off a section to start your braid (part diagonally down past the ear)
Begin your braid as normal, and when it comes time to add hair, add a tiny amount from the bottom. When adding from the top, follow your original part line, try to grab a long thin strip every time. The goal is to keep the braid as close to the hairline as possible. (this picture shows the first bit of added in hair)
Continue french braiding around the head.  When you get about half way around your head, you will start struggling (unless you have strangely long arms!) So at this point, be patient, think about what you're doing, and reposition your hands. The trick is to remember what strand to cross next. (You will get the hang of this switch and I swear its the only challenge in this do)

When your braid reaches the second ear, stop adding hair to the bottom strand of your braid (other wise your braid wont sit nicely behind your ear, it will hang goofily over top your ear :S). There tends to be extra hair at the top that's hard to incorporate into the braid, just cheat and add large section and tuck things as need be. Finish off your braid regular style and tie it off with a hair band.Add some hairspray all over and VOILA!

Here's what you will have in the back (you can braid a lot tighter if you prefer that look, or start with wet hair):

This is the side you started on: 
Let's finish with a dorky picture of myself (and hope together that my mannequin gets here soon!)
Check back in a few days to see some variations. 

What do you think? Anyone gonna try it out?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for starting this blog of yours. I often frequent the sites you've listed in your last post, but I don't have any children, I try to use the ideas on my own hair. So your site is very helpful, not only in that the looks are more mature (which helps as I'm a professional career woman) but also because you are doing them on your own hair. BTW, this last post looks really good, I actually just did something similar the other day using a dutch braid, I didn't even think about not adding in any bottom hair near my other ear, i just stopped it and made a bun right there, but next time I think I'll continue it out.
Thanks Again,

Carly said...

Jen, thank you so much for your comment! I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. I agree that sometimes doing cute styles on your own hair poses a challange! Also, I really like this style done with a bun instead of braiding it out sometimes, glad you do too.