02 September, 2010

Double Twisted Headband

Did you check out this hairstyle? Or this one? Well, here is a third (and last) option using those same twists.

Use them to create an all natural headband!
After you have finished the twists and pinned them back, let your hair out of the ponytail. Curl or straighten as you wish.

This is a great way to keep bang out of your face, and a nice alternative to the common Front French Braid headband.

Has anyone used these twists? How do you like to wear them?


Anonymous said...

Cute hair styles. Keep up the good work.

Dreamer13 said...

Nice! I love hair headbands, too :)

Thanks for following my blog - I hope you like it!

Carly said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

Dreamer13- love the blog! Thanks for following my too

Christy said...

That is gorgeous! I've done a lot of headbands with twists and braids, and even a front section slicked straight across with a twist behind it, but the double twist really gives it a nice POP.... might have to try it on my oldest tomorrow :)