11 September, 2010

Side Swipe Dutch Braid with Ribbon

I always see these beautiful ribbon style on other hair blogs, but they are just too cutesy for me to wear. This was my compromise (sorry there are no step by step pictures but its easy, I swear!)
I seriously needed to colour my hair at this point.. Don't judge me I was busy with school!
 I started by making a Dutch Braid (if anyone needs a tutorial on this let me know) but instead of going straight down the head, I made it slant to one side.

Now you will need a piece of ribbon at least twice the length of your braid. Starting at the first plait of the braid, tuck one end of the ribbon into the hair and bobby pin it in
follow the arrow
Now thread the other end of the ribbon into a plastic craft need
I got a two pack of these at Walmart for 1$

(a safety pin will work too, or if you are patient and gentle you can just use your fingers to weave the ribbon through). Now following one strand of your braid, weave your ribbon through the braid. Do this one plait at a time or your ribbon will tangle up on your. Also don't pull too hard or you will unpin the ribbon at the top.
At the end of the braid I used tiny clear elastics to make a little bow. You could also just wrap the elastic with the ribbon, or trim off the extra ribbon.
Not that you care, but I cannot believe how much my hair has grown since this picture (May)
That's all!

Do you think its too cutesy? Would you wear this style?


Princess Hairstyles said...

I like that the ribbon your chose is subtle. Not too cutesy! I would wear in my hair for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

your ugly

Carly said...

Princess Hairstyles: Glad that you like it, especially since your creativity was a big inspiration for this one!

Anonymous: So good to know you have enough hours in your day to leave such pointless comments. However, in the future I would hope you do it elsewhere.

Eva said...

I lOvE it! i'm teen and have been looking for some cute, crafty stuff to do with my hair thats totally unique than everyone else, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

why would you do that you look like your 5 years old

God's Little Lamb said...

Hi, I am just wondering, is a Dutch braid the same as a French braid?

One Crazy Lady! said...

I think I am going to do something like this for Mothers day- me and my girls will have differing but similar braids this way!

Carly said...

One Crazy Lady: I absolutely love that you are going to create similar styles on yourself and your daughters, it will be such a special memory for you guys.
When I was younger my mom mad us matching jumpers and I remember going out to lunch with her in our matching outfits. It was such a fun way to connect with her.
I would love if you sent a picture if you choose to do it! (tweenteenmomhairstyles@gmail.com)