25 June, 2010

Sending Out Positive Vibes

So, I have been dealing with some personal things lately, quite stressful, and as such, I have just been feeling really down! I didn't feel like creating a post for a bright cheerful hairstyle this week.
I read somewhere once that when you are feeling down, one of the best things you can do is compliment someone else. I know, sounds a little backwards right? Well the theory is: making someone else feel good results in you yourself feeling better. I figured instead of posting my own do this week I would spend a little time talking up some talented people that inspire me. (If the complimenting doesn't work, looking through their beautiful do's will definitely heighten my spirits!)

I would like to begin with this disclaimer: there are a TON of talented hair bloggers out there, but these are the four that caught my attention first. I am a busy person, so I can't stalk everyone!
What follows is a brief intro to my four favourite hair bloggers and a sampling of my favourite do's from each. I hope you all enjoy, and get inspired to create some jaw dropping styles in your own hair!

Adopt-a-Do: Cute Girls Hairstyles
: this was the first blog I ever read, therefore I feel a little attached... Plus, her beautiful girls are growing up, so she is all about the tween flair now. This is great for me, because these do's are much more suited to someone my age. Mindy is the master of quick, simple styles that are still uber cute! The Waterfall French Braid is one of my all time favourites! It is so quick to do, yet I never see anyone wearing it! Looks great on all ages I think. I have also always been a fan of the Hair Wrapped Ponytail, but could rarely get it to hold with bobby pins. Then Mindy the Magnificent came along and I learned how to do it with a topsy tail tool (thanks for mom for keeping that treasure around! Who knew it would come in handy again???). The style is so versatile, quick and beautiful! Try it, your will love it!

Babes in Hairland: this mom is SO lucky! she has three lovely daughters who have the most beautiful, long, thick, blonde hair! I would die for hair like theirs! Their mom is also wicked talented; she is the queen of beautiful up-do's, if you ever have a formal event check her ideas out. I have also learned a lot from her about using bobby pins effectively and thanks to her I am DYING to get my hands on a set of Curlformers (are those not the prettiest curls you've ever seen? And NO heat!!)! If you have long hair I would recommend you check out this do. I wish I didn't have so many layers because that is seriously beautiful. Also, for something fresh and funky (and relatively simple!) try out her cascading braid style, this would be great for a teen!

The Story of a Princess and Her Hair:
This lady has EXTREME braiding skills! I have never seen such precision (so jealous!). Also her pretty little princess selflessly donated her beautiful red locks to Locks of Love recently, does that not just warm your heart?? You go princess! If you have a little one at home this blog has a ton of adorable do's I would love to try, but if like me, you’re looking for more mature styles might I recommend this one? (Headband style :), like I said, OBSESSED!!) I think it's great for summer. I also really love this Woven Easter Basket look. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've never seen anything like it (it’s easy too!! who would have guessed?). Also, for a tween or teen I love this look, its so simple, yet cute (and doesn't she look great with short hair?!)

Girly-Do Hairstyles: Little Beans is such a cutie, look out mom, only a few more years till you will be chasing away a bunch of boys! I read once on this blog that I probably wouldn't find any styles for older girls, but I must correct Jenn, a lot of her styles work really nicely for older girls! Also, Jenn is very laid back about parts and fly aways (much like myself) and I think the easy going, sometimes messy styles work great for teens! Also, she has a TON of different ways to do buns! I love buns, and they are ageless! So rock on over to Girly Dos and you will definitely be inspired. My favourites (this week anyway!) include this adorable 50's do (I am not quite so cute in pigtails, but the big pouf-age looks nice with a side, or regular, ponytail too!) and the beautiful Ribbon Braid (so fancy! yet would also work for a regular day at the office, I love versatility!). This is also the blog that taught me to make a bow out of my own hair. Check this out! Adorable right??

Thank you ladies for all the beautiful inspiration and your hard work! Keep it up! (Hey, this really did make me feel better :)!)
Check back next week for a new style from yours truly.

And my question for y'all, who inspires you? what are your favourite hairstyles from blogs? and what do you do to feel better when your down?


Girly Do Hairstyles said...

Aren't you so sweet! I am a big fan of free fly-aways for everyone :D I can't wait too see what you are doing over here and check out your blog. I will add your to my blog roll also. Thanks for the blog love:D

Princess Hairstyles said...

Aw, what a nice surprise! You've made my day. Hope you're feeling better about things. Adding you to my links as well. :)

Carly said...

Thanks for the comments, and the add, ladies. You're so sweet!

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

You are too kind. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get over here & check out your site. Welcome to the world of hair blogging & I look forward to seeing more from you!