11 June, 2010

3 Braid into a Messy Bun

** I ordered a mannequin a while back, but it has yet to arrive (things are not looking good) so I have resorted to doing demos on myself. It is really hard to take pictures of your own styles! Bear with me kindly please!

So, here is my first tutorial! YIKES. This is my own spin on something I saw recently over on Cute Girls Hairstyles . Hope you like it.

Start by parting hair from ear to ear. Then section the top half into thirds.

In the two side pieces create simple braids, secure with small clear elastics.

Now, to soften the look and emphasize a the side part, you are going to create a side swipe inside-out french braid with the middle section from the front half of hair. Start by dividing out a thin strip right near your forehead and braid from right to left (reverse if you normally wear your part on the other side of your head...) adding in hair from the forehead strip . When you get near the left part start adding hair from the remain part of the section. To keep the braid on the far side, add long sections from the right side and very small sections from the left. This is what you should have now:

At this point, you will make a ponytail in the back with all the hair and braids. To add some flare, I crossed the simple braid over the french braid on the left side before securing.

Now take that ponytail and create a bun of your choice (I made a loopy messy bun today). You cant see them in the picture, but the two thinner side braids make a cute accent in the bun.

Finish with hairspray and WAHLAA!


Dreamweaver braids said...

love the variation! Where do you get a mannequin? my hair models (daughters) are currently on a ponytail strike.

Carly said...

Thanks! I ordered a mannequin from here:http://www.giell.com/default.asp (but it still hasnt arrived!)
Sally's has some that I think were cheaper (but they wouldnt ship to Canada) Thats really too bad your models are on strike! have you tried bribery??? lol