15 January, 2011

Simple, Elegent Updo

Oh man I am so excited to be back up and running! Hopefully someone will still stop by and read this blog every once and a while. 

This hairdo is SUPER easy. It literally takes 10 minutes, start to finish. I think it has a simple elegance to it that makes it perfect for a special occasion, but honestly, its so quick and easy that I wear it to run errands!
Usually I don't like to style my hair when its wet, but this one really only works for me with wet, or at least very damp hair. So to start, wet or dampen hair (my preferred method? take a shower!) then add your favorite gel or mouse all over the hair.

Make sure your hair is detangled throughout.

I like to start with a side part, and because this is a pretty slicked back 'do make sure the part is nice and crisp

Okay, then section off the top half of you hair, like you are making a half ponytail:

Using a fine tooth, or rat tail comb, smooth this all out.

Give this hair a half twist. Make sure the twist is nice and tight to your head. Think of this like a French twist, only going downward instead of up.

Now you are going to bobby pin this twist to your head.I usually use about 5 pins to do this. To give the twist its shape I like to put the first pin in at the bottom of the twist like so:
I know its hard to see, but the arrow gives you an idea of the direction I push the pin
I couldn't really take pictures of this process while I did it because it takes two hands. One to hold the twist and the other to manoeuvre bobby pins. To pin your twist, slightly open the prongs of your bobby pin (gross I know, but I use my teeth to help me do this), gently stick those prongs into the twist, not to far, then drag the pin over to the open side of the twist, trying to grab some of your anchor hair (hair on your head) then shove that bad boy right into your twist.  I know that sounds really confusing, but your basically just drawing a quarter of a circle with the folded end of your bobby pin and shoving it into the twist. Clear as mud right?
But, here is what you have now:
If you pin well, this is a beautiful style all on its own!
Okay, hard part over, it is all easy from hear on out.

Make a ponytail about two finger spaces down from your twist (this is going to depend on the thickness of your hair, if its thinner go closer, thicker leaver more space)

Now make a rope braid in your ponytail, tie it off with a small elastic that will be easy to hide in your bun. The twisty braid will give a cool dimension to the bun.
Then simply wrap that braid around to shape a bun. Don't do this to tightly, you want this kind of flat on the head.
Tuck the elastic you used under one of the loops that forms in your bun from the rope braid :
the arrow shows where I am shoving the elastic, I use a couple bobby pins to secure it hidden away
Use bobby pins to secure your bun where needed. Be careful not to cover your pretty twist, but try to get your bun to hit right up against it.

Accessorize if you want (I chose no) and you are done!
Side view
Top view (kind of)
from the back

and the front
That's my simple elegant do. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I love how this looks complicated but is so easy to do! Thanks for posting

Christy said...

Gorgeous! And I love the deceptively complicatedness, too! :D

the_other_side said...

thanks for posting....love it :)

Caitríona said...

That's so pretty! i love how it looks so cpmplicated but it's really not :)