24 January, 2011

Double Knot, Half-up Do

I had a vision one day of how I wanted my hair to look, but could not achieve it. Out of frustration I tried something else and TADA! (don't you just love when things accidentally turn out great?)
Please ignore the weird squiggly-ness going on about the first knot, I fixed that before I left the house!
This is really a no-brainer so you can probably figure it out just looking, but if not...

This works well with damp hair. Start by sectioning off a bit of hair on either side of your part (notice I don't use all the hair in the top half of the head, I find when I do I cannot get the knot to lay flat)
Use a comb or brush to smooth down the rest of the hair (this will avoid the unfortunate squiggly loose-ness seen in the first picture)
Now take the section of hair from each side of the head to the back and tie it in a simple knot, just like when you start tying your shoes
I don't really know what is going on here, but hopefully you get the basic idea...
Now add a thin section of hair, from under the original sections, to each strand of the knot
Make a second simple knot. If you crossed right over left the first time do it the same way this time, or vice-verse (cross the same side over top again).
Use a small rubber band to tie off the two sections of hair, underneath your second knot, like so:

Separate the hair in the ponytail in half and pull (like when you tighten a normal ponytail) to force the elastic up, under the knot. And you are done.
Later when my hair was dry I added a few curls to the remaining hair.

I don't know what was up with my hair the day I took these photos, but it was abnormally thick, so the second knot looks way weird...The first knot is also sitting a lot lower on my head than normal... I don't know what was going on. I promise this normally looks better. Try it and see!
I got the basic idea of this from Shaunell's Hair (or Pretty Hair is Fun, I don't know what you would like to be called anymore... :) ). Check out her video for the Daisy Chain Braid to see the process I used here.

I hope you like this quick and easy style to produce a unique look! Thanks for stopping by.


Dreamer13 said...

very cute! I love it! and your hair looks great - don't worry :)

~ Karli

Curly Hairdo Ideas said...

We made a Top 50 Hair Blogs list!! Did you see that yet?!? http://www.mastersinteaching.com/top-50-hair-blogs-and-articles/

Congrats to us!! :p


One Crazy Lady! said...

Hello! I'm trying this out for the very first time today- it doesn't QUITE look the same. But My Hubby immediately noticed and I got a huge WOW :) I'll try and get a picture of it!

Carly said...

Im glad you tried it, I am sure yours looked better than mine! Isnt it wonderful when the men-folk take notice of our efforts? :)