04 May, 2011

Time Saver

Since it is Wednesday I figured I would share with y'all a time saving tip that works for me.
 Lets face it, who REALLY has enough time in the morning?!

I don't usually like styling my hair when it is wet because it often looks to tight or slicked back for my liking. I also don't like to cause undue to stress on my hair by over manipulating it when its wet. Even more than styling wet hair, I do not like blow drying my hair! It takes FOREVER and makes my hair really limp.

I wash my hair at night, then let it naturally dry while I sleep.

I have been known to wake up looking like Cousin It at time, but I find that straightening or curling will easily solve the problem. Or, and more often, I  just put my hair up and no one is any the wiser.

Added bonus when its hot out in the summer I have a really cold shower right before bed and my cold wet hair keeps me cool enough to fall asleep!

Washing at night works for me, what about the rest of you? How do you fit more into your morning routine?

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