27 May, 2010

Is Anyone Out There?

So, thanks to the glory of YouTube (my FAVORITE website) I have stumbled across a number of hairblogs. How cool is that? I never know such a thing even existed. Since then I have been basically... stalking a bunch of people... Long story short, I have become hair obsessed again! I spend most of my precious spare time trying out all these new and beautiful styles (you ladies are SO talented) on myself as I have no adorable sisters, daughters, or nieces. Most of them I can't actually wear out of the house (pigtails are just not so cute on people over 14) therefore, I have become semi-talented at adapting great ideas to work on older models. So I have decided to create my own blog featuring styles and the like for older girls. Hopefully there will be a little bit of something for everyone and we can all learn a few things along the way.

I am about the furthest thing there is from an expert, but I have been reading girly magazines and playing "hairdresser" since I was like 9, so I have tried a lot of things and learned a lot about haircare and maintenance, plus like I said, I'm OBSESSED with pretty hair! When I was still living at home my dad made it a daily ritual to mock the attention I give to my appearance, luckily I had my own bathroom so we never had to have that battle! Also, most of what I do is based on things I have seen on other people, celebrities, and other blogs. I will try to always give credit when I know where to aim it, but as a disclaimer, 9.98 times out of 10 things here will not be completely original. Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone, but its hair! Guaranteed someone, somewhere, at some point, has done it before. I just hope to inspire others to experiment and love to care for their hair.

Also, given the state of my life (perpetual student-hood)from time to time I will more likely than not post random, mindless ramblings on various topics that are playing on my mind or that catch my attention. Hopefully, it will be entertaining, or at least won't discourage people from stopping by...

Looking forward to building some sense of comradeship with any followers I manage to round up.

And if you are reading this, thanks for stopping by, and sticking it out to the end of this awfully long first post!!!

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Anonymous said...

very nice thanks for the advice i will use it tomorrow for my day thanks again